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Leather Upholstery Cleaning NYC – All that You need to Know!

Adding leather furniture to your home gives a class and unique touch to the overall beauty of your house. Reasons why house owners opt for this material is its extremely durable and easy to clean and maintenance features.

However, proper method of leather upholstery cleaning in NYC and Manhattan needs to be followed in order to keep the material in good condition for the years to come. Because many cleaning products available in the market break down leather finishes, and leads to dryness and cracks.

What makes Leather Furniture maintenance important?

Over time, a lot of factors affect the appearance of leather furniture, consequently, emphasizing the need for the maintenance of the furniture and upholstery cleaning NYC & Manhattan. To name a few factors that makes the maintenance of this furniture important include –

Oils and Grease – The foremost reason that makes maintenance important is the body oils from people and animals that get seep into the leather furniture and causing damage to the finish of the furniture.

Atmospheric Soils – Yes, you read it right! Air dust particles from airborne cooking oils and invisible air pollutants also get inside the leather furniture and diminish its beauty.

Common Soils – This is the most obvious reason for the maintenance of the leather. Soils including dirt, sand and fibers from plants get trapped inside the furniture which makes it look dull.

Dyes and Inks – Any dye or ink spilled on the leather makes it hard to remove further causing a lot of damage to the surface.

So, these are a few reasons that bring in the need for the leather furniture cleaning. Now that you have got an idea what makes you opt for the cleaning process, here are a few steps that elucidate the process of cleaning –
=>The foremost and the most important aspect to keep in mind is cleaning of the furniture with a mixture of water and mild facial soap. This helps remove body oils that tend to discolor the fabric.
=>Using of distilled water is must in order to avoid discoloration cause from any chemical contaminants present in the normal water.
=>Once cleaning job is done, the material needs to be buffed with a clean white cloth. This helps in restoring the luster of the material.
=>Last but not the least, there are many cleaning products available in the market that can easily be used for the cleaning process. However, you need to be careful about the ingredients used in the product as it could spoil the furniture outlook.

So, no that you have got an idea about the cleaning tips of leather material, make sure to hire the best professional of upholstery cleaning in NYC and Manhattan. After all, only professionals know how to clean the furniture appropriately.