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Commercial Cleaning

If you need high quality carpet cleaning for your business location, consider 212 Rug Cleaners and our all in one service, which includes:
  • Free estimates – based on the information you give us and honest, accurate numbers
  • Proper site evaluation – consideration for high and low traffic areas, stains, odor, carpet condition, fiber materials
  • Proper cleaning using eco-friendly chemicals in just the right amounts and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Custom designed, on-going maintenance program recommendations to keep your carpet better looking and longer lasting.
Many businesses make the mistake of getting the commercial carpet cleaning “quick fix”. This usually entails hiring the lowest price bidder and getting a fast surface clean. Since work like this is usually performed by untrained personnel, they tend to use too much of their already harsh detergents and chemicals, and much of this residue is left in the carpet after they leave.

Our 212 Rug Cleaners rates are very workable and our on-time service team is professional as well as highly trained. Using our service will provide you with the highest quality carpet cleaning for commercial carpets. Your employees will appreciate working in a cleaner and fresher environment and your clients are sure to notice, too. Best of all, the investment you made in your business floor coverings will last longer and save you money on replacement costs.