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Pet Odor Removal

It's a fact of life – pet odor can occur in homes with new pets, older ones, or sick pets. Even trained dogs or cats can have an occasional accident. You might not even have a pet at all but the previous residents of your home might have! Pet odor not only lingers, it can get worse with time. Not only is it unpleasant, it can cause you to lose the sale or rental of your home, or business.

212 Rug Cleaners offers effective pet odor removal that works! Our service includes stain removal and powerful odor neutralizers that eliminate the root causes of the odor and don't just cover it up. This is important because even if you can't smell the pet odor, your pet can, and might continue to “use” this spot for future accidents. Don't mask pet odor. Eliminate it completely with a cleaning session from 212 Rug Cleaners!