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Drapery & Curtains Cleaning NYC & Manhattan

Make your home interiors beautiful with Drapery Cleaning in Manhattan!

If you are looking for best drapery & curtains cleaning services in Manhattan and NYC then come to us for drapery cleaning at affordable rates.Draperies and window play a crucial role in providing privacy, shade, interior design accents, and not to forget the reduced heating and cooling costs. The need to clean it becomes essential to keep the home interiors beautiful. With professional drapery cleaning from 212 Rug Cleaners, you don’t have to worry about doing the drapery cleaning task yourself at your home in Manhattan. We provide efficient services that include cleaning, takedown and re-hang service. Our motive is to make your task easier and hassle free.
Reasons Why You should Opt for Drapery Cleaning & Curtains Cleaning
  • Reduce Allergies – Allergens, pollen, mold, insects, and other pollutants tend to get trapped in the drapes and window which affect the air quality of home.
  • Remove dust – Dirt and dust accumulate in drapes and windows which affect the quality of room air whenever you open or close them.
  • Maintain appearance – The desired appearance of the house is maintained with proper cleaning.
  • Longevity – Regular drapery cleaning improves the longevity of fabrics that certainly reduce the cost of replacement.
212 Rug Cleaners handles everything for you including drapery and blind take down and re-installation, comprehensive cleaning, stain and odor removal, and much more!

Here at 212 Rug Cleaners, our drapery cleaning maintains the look and feel of your residential or commercial drapes and blinds. Our process removes soil, dust, odors, smoke, grease and pollen, yet is gentle on your drapery and blind materials so that your pleats, your folds and your hems are all left intact and in pristine condition. Call us for a no obligation estimate, which will be based on your drapes or blinds materials, physical condition, and dimensions. Compliment your windows with professional and always done right drapery cleaning from 212 Rug Cleaners.

Make your home interiors beautiful with Drapery Cleaning!