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Leather Cleaning NYC & Manhattan

Leather too needs regular cleaning for staying in the proper condition. And why not? After all, it also absorbs dirt and pollutants which makes leather sofa cleaning by professionals in Manhattan difficult.

Also, another challenge for cleaning the leather sofas is it losses moisture and softness over time, which result into long term damage. Without proper maintenance and expert’s help, the leather furniture cannot be protected.

This is where our professionals of 212 Rug Cleaners come into the picture. They use safe, professional leather cleaners, moisturizers and protectors that rejuvenate leather furniture and protect it from damages.

Our trained leather Leather cleaning specialists in NYC follow a unique process that will make your valuable new as before. Our process involves –

=> Leather pre-inspection

=> Leather sofa cleaning

=> Final removal of soiling

=> Leather protection and conditioning

Our job not only involves cleaning process, but we are also involved in making customers understand the tips and tricks of maintaining their furniture.
We insure to provide 100% Leather cleaning guarantee to our customers in NYC. We will make sure you are happy with our customers so that you remain our clients for a long term. When it comes to cost of the service, we provide genuine prices that are suitable according to your pocket.
Count on us to get quality leather furniture cleaning and make it look great for years to come!