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Rug Moth Damage NYC

It’s time to get rid of those million-moth residing under your rug
A herd of elephants could trample over your favourite rug and to your surprise, it would still be in good shape. However, introduce an infestation of tiny insects and witness the drama. Wool rugs are made in such a way that they last 100 of years. Nowadays, people don’t buy a rug unless it is ‘antique.’ It is a truth, they can actually last for years when proper care is taken. If you don’t, the damage can be drastic.

Moths seek out undisturbed and dark areas for their growth. They can also be found in a rug placed under furniture or a rug which cannot be moved with ease.

Areas which aren’t regularly vacuumed or moved are at a higher risk of moth infestation. Since, they are attracted to keratin in animal hair, a dirty rug covered with cat or dog would be heaven for them!

Moths can also feed on mixtures of natural and synthetic fabrics. That’s the reason behind patches of colour worn out from your rug.

Larvae grow in to the rug and eat out the wool from it. Adult moths flying around do not do the harm but the female ones lay hundreds of eggs in dark, untouched areas. The eggs hatch into larvae and these larvae then create a cocoon before evolving into the small moths you may flying around your home.

It is important to beware of the damage caused by the moths or larvae and thus be with rug moth damage NYC for the best service.

If you come across sand-like particles of tan or brown colour consider it as a warning sign. It may be an excretion of larvae. The eggs may also be powdery-type dust often as the same colour as the wool.

Vacuuming your rug once every week can kill off the larvae and eggs. You may also need specialist chemicals or a made-for purpose spray.

Moth crystals, balls and flakes are not the best options since they provide minor repellence. Insecticides such as Pyrethrin are useful in killing moths but can cause many health risks associated with pest control.

Do not inhale these chemicals and keep your skin away from the insecticides. Freezing the rug for around a week is also an effective treatment. However, it does not solve the problem entirely and chances of re-infestation are high.

They at rug moth damage NYC give treatment which is 100% safe and natural. With our treatment, you can make sure of a moth-less rug. Our experienced team make sure that your work is completed on time. They offer professional rug cleaning services. This rug moth damage NYC will remove the infected eggs or larvae from the rug, cure it from infestation. If your rug is already damaged, they can re-weave it as well.

They also have different range of products from sprays to moth traps which are absolutely safe with positive effects guaranteed. They also sell specialised organic rug to prevent moth infestation.

If you’re currently suffering from a moth problem, better act fast and contact them.