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Upholstery Cleaning NYC

What is Furniture Cleaning Process Followed by the Experts?

New York Upholstery Cleaning services help you to remove any spot, stain or odor on your furniture. Find best upholstery cleaning services in NYC. Upholstery cleaning in NYC is one of our best service. Dusting and cleaning from time to time is quite essential to keep the material new as before and to increase it’s the lifespan. This is where cleaning of furniture is also no different. Usually, residents performing upholstery cleaning in NYC believe in regular dusting and vacuuming, but at times there upholstery needs deep clean in order to look fantastic. Therefore, hiring of experts becomes crucial as undertaking this job is not a child’s play.

Being a house owner if you are wondering what’s there in the job of upholstery cleaning which only an expert can do and not you, here is the furniture cleaning process shared by the experts that justifies what makes their job different from a regular cleaning process. Also, you will understand why it is important to hire the professionals for the upholstery cleaning.

So, without much ado let us get started!

Vacuuming the Furniture : Vacuuming is an ideal and the easiest way of upholstery cleaning NYC. But simple vacuuming does not solve the purpose and experts understand this fact. They make efforts to clean the cracks and crevices of the furniture that are near cushions, areas where the arms of a sofa etc.
Often professionals follow the process of brushing to remove the dirt and debris. Therefore, they take pains in doing the job which certainly would not be a house owner cup of tea.

Check the Tags for Cleaning Guidance: Different furniture requires different cleaners as no two house furniture is made of same material. This is where comes the need to purchase special cleaners like solvent-based cleaner, water-based cleaner and more which certainly increases the expenses of the household. But the hassle to buy special cleaners gets reduced if we hire a professional for the job. After all, they are experienced and skilled in doing the job.

Create a Water-Based Cleaner : Experts not only believe in buying the ready-made products, they often create their own cleaners. The most commonly used is prepared with a dishwashing liquid. A spray bottle is filled with water and a few drops of dish detergent. To combat odor, a capful of white vinegar with a few pinches of baking soda is mixed and applied on the furniture.

Test the Detergent Mixture : Before applying the detergent, the experts make sure to test it by dipping a sponge into the detergent mixture and rub it on the small section of the upholstery cleaning NYC. Then they wipe the spot and dry it with a cloth. If any discoloration occurs or the texture of the furniture spoils, they don’t use the detergent mixture and look for some alternative. Hence, such things can only be expected from the professionals rather than house owners.

Dampen Stains with a Sponge : Lastly, if there are any stains on the furniture, a sponge is used to rub. The experts pat the upholstery and let it dry with a cloth. After a few minutes stains or tough spots will get removed.

From the above provided information, you must have got an idea about the cleaning job done by the professional and how it is different from regular process of cleaning done by you most of the times.

So, next time when you want to get your upholstery cleaning in NYC, make sure you call the professional for the rug stain removal in Manhattan.