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Types of Area Rugs

Area rugs are primarily used to anchor furniture and impart aesthetic appeal to the surroundings. They unite the colors of the room together, add accent and texture, define a space, and make a room seem more comfy!

If you are considering buying area rugs for your home, take a look at the different types available:


Hand-stitched needlepoint rugs allow for an intricate design. They shouldn’t be placed in areas that experience high foot traffic since they are delicate and will wear out quickly. These rugs are generally used for decorative purposes only.


This is a super soft cut pile rug with very long threads. It can be used in low traffic areas, as accents under tables, or in front of the TV or fireplace (they are great for bare feet). Rya rugs are a great example. They are traditional Scandinavian wool rugs with a shag-like pile of 1–3 inches. They are knotted, with each knot composed of 3 strands of wool, which enables the rug to exhibit a rich texture from all the different shades of color.

Cut Pile

The most common styles are olefin, nylon and wool carpets. Wool, a natural carpet material, is the most expensive, but also the most durable. You can also choose a blend of materials if you want to get some of the benefits of wool at a lower cost. Cut pile carpets are extremely soft underfoot. They offer a luxurious feel and look that most other carpets can’t compete with. Moreover, they ear easy to maintain with a vacuum cleaner since dirt and dust won’t get caught in hidden areas.

Loop Pile

Loop carpets are often chosen because of their durability. The loop design makes the fibers less likely to fray or show marks from heavy furniture. They also offer more traction than most other carpets, so people choose them for staircases and other areas where you might slip.

Cut and Loop

This style incorporates both the high cut-pile and low loop-pile design. This style is usually made in two color designs to hide soiling footprints.

Flat Weave

A flat weave rug is an easy way to update the floors in any room thanks to their thin profile and very low pile. You get lightweight texture and global style all at an affordable price. Plus, most flat weave rugs are reversible for twice the wear. They are a great option for high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, or entryways, and offices with rolling chairs.

While buying area rugs, it is very important to remember where it is going to be used and for what purpose, so you can choose accordingly.

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