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Types of Rugs

Types of RugsThere are many types of rugs that can be produced with a wide range of fabrics and characteristics. Finding a company like ours that specializes in cleaning a wide range of rugs can help to make sure that you end up with experts you can produce a great clean no matter what type of rug that you need help with. While Persian rugs and antique rugs are very popular all over the world we can offer service and cleaning on a wide range of feature designs and prints. With the help of our cleaning supplies we can make sure that any type of these rugs will be cared for using only the best in support for cleaning services. Here are some of the top types of rugs that we can clean with ease:

French rugs:

This style of rug is common for its floral design and for the quality of the fabrics that are often used in their construction. French rugs and Persian rugs can often be somewhat similar but the grand designs in French rugs often require a bit of extra care. When you have antique French rugs or a brand new style French rug, we can painstakingly preserve this design during our cleaning process.

High-quality Oriental rugs:

A high-quality Oriental rug will add new luxury and almost any type of room. Oriental rugs have been a very popular staple in many homes throughout the world. There known especially for their traditional designs as well as some of their resilience and durability. Our cleaning style for Oriental rugs is often quite gentle even through their fabrics and weeds are known to be very durable.

Flokati area rugs:

This style of area rug originates from Greece and it’s known for its ability to be washed in almost any type of commercial washing machine. This traditional style Grecian rug can be washed easily and it’s known for its extremely bright and lasting colors. With the soft fibers and the absolutely beautiful length of these rugs, they are perfect staples for almost any type of hallway setup or even in a livingroom.

Contemporary style rugs:

These rugs are traditionally described as art for the floor. They are known for their beautiful characteristics and their extremely unusual shapes. They often utilize a variety of extremely bright colors to contrast greatly from the background. Modern contemporary style rugs are usually designed to be a focal point in almost any room. With modern materials they can also be washed with much more resilient styles. These contemporary style rugs have become very popular because of their ability to be washed quite easily and their ability to retain their beautiful bright colors.

Transitional style rugs:

This style of rug is more commonly used for a stylish fit made for interior spaces. The main purpose of these rugs is to fit an interior space and act as a transition between rooms. The Rugs are extremely stylish and made to suit interior decor as a simple lasting and soft transition piece. They often bear more neutral colors so that they can easily be matched up between a few rooms and act as the appropriate borders in any area of a home. Transitional rugs are usually designed for high traffic areas and as a result they have tight weaves and the ability to be washed using commercial settings.

Braided area rugs:

A braided area rug is best known for its soothing and interior space with its soft fibers and adding improvements during cold weather. These types of area rugs are perfect for insulating a room and providing a boost to the interior décor of homes throughout the whole year with the regulation of temperatures. As they can be placed in many high-traffic areas we can perform deep cleaning services on these types of rugs to get deep into the tight braids and remove dirt and debris.

Tibetan style rugs:

This style of rug is more commonly known for its geometric designs and the very energetic shapes. They are common in the bedroom and they can also be commonly used for meditation mats. Regular cleaning on these rugs when they are put into use quite often remains extremely important for keeping them looking their best over time. These are rugs that can often require deep cleaning services.

Our professional rug cleaning service will regularly work at following all applicable directions with any style of rug. No matter what the material may be we can make sure that the foundation for a rug can be completely cleaned and that your rug can be restored to its newest condition often.

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