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If you have area rugs or carpets throughout your home you may be interested in know how you can better care for these items so that they can maintain their look and their feel. Whether you are taking care of antique rugs or hoping to take care of a fully carpeted room, having access to the right care instruction for rugs can help to make sure that your flooring systems can enjoy a longer lifespan. Here are some top tips on how to care for rugs:


Just like many types of clothing items, modern area rugs also come with rug labels that can define some of the washing instructions and the materials that are present with the rug. Learning what the rug is made from will help you to pick out the ideal type of cleaning products that you can use for cleaning the rug surface. When you are purchasing area rugs its usually important to consider looking for cotton or wool rugs as these can be some of the easiest to clean with a number of different products.


Closing the blinds or keeping some of your colored area rugs away from windows can be a fantastic idea for keeping them up. The light coming in through windows can easily start to fade out a rug over time. Depending on the layout of your house, it could be a good idea to choose a rug that is moderately priced by the window and rotated regularly so that it can fade evenly.


Adding padding to the bottom of the legs on your furniture can be one of the best ways that you can help to prevent marks from occurring along your rugs. Adding a padded area under a couch or cabinet or at least moving it around regularly can help to prevent your rug wearing in the same place. In most cases, manufacturers recommend moving furniture that happens to sit on your area rugs at least once every six months.


When caring for any type of carpeted flooring or area rug, it remains essential to vacuum it regularly. A weekly vacuuming will help to make sure that the rug doesn’t have much time to collect dust particles or have dirt and grime really set in. Vacuuming your rug regularly will help to remove some of the surface dust and make sure that much of that dust doesn’t end up mad it deep into the rug over time. For any type of rug that’s made out of silk or an antique rug, you should consider the idea of a light sweeping instead of vacuuming as modern vacuums can often pull away at the fibers and devalue these handmade rugs. Be sure to clean both sides of rugs with the vacuum biweekly as well to cut down on the dust in your home.


Getting a good spot cleaner is essential to owning any type of area rug. Accidents happen and whether a bit of liquid has spilled out of a cup onto the floor or a pet has had an accident on the rug, an immediate spot clean is one of the best ways to prevent the stain from setting in. When you are spot cleaning a rug for the first time, testing the cleaner on a small corner is a great way to make sure that it won’t discolor your rug permanently. You may have to try a few cleaners until you find one with the appropriate cleaning power that will not completely discolor your rug. If you don’t have access to any cleaners in the home, dampen a rag with some cold water and start blotting out the stain so that it can get soaked up away from the rug.


In order to care for rug properly, you should consider the idea of getting regular deep cleaning services by renting a steam cleaner or working with a deep cleaning company. Regular steam cleaning will help to get some of the dirt and grime that has gotten take into the rug. When you start to see the difference after the first pass with a steam cleaner, you might be amazed at just how well regular deep cleaning can revitalize a rug and the colors inside of it. Deep cleaning services that happen about every six months to a year remain one of the best ways to keep a rug looking its best.

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