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The Truth about Carpet Cleaning

Do you have trouble getting rid of ugly stains on your carpet because you are confused about the best carpet cleaning techniques? The problem is every carpet cleaning company boasts about their methods and how they are the best in the market. It is time to gather the facts! For instance, people feel that vacuuming a carpet regularly is sufficient to maintain it, but there is more to cleaning it that simply vacuuming it.

Here are some of the common myths:

New carpets don’t need cleaning

Once you have bought it, don’t fall prey to the myth that new carpets require no cleaning until it looks bad or smells bad. The more you delay the cleaning process, the more dirt accumulates on it. Moreover, the tiny particles settling in deep within the fibers aren’t visible. Get it cleaned regularly – the sooner the better, so the carpet’s aesthetic appeal isn’t affected in any way. If you are apprehensive about using carpet cleaning products, you can first test them on a small corner of your carpet to see the effect they produce on it. You might proceed if you are satisfied with the results.

Carpet deodorants are sufficient to maintain freshness

A carpet deodorant is a powder that can be sprinkled on the carpet to keep it smelling good and looking fresh as a temporary solution. But these deodorants are made of talcum powder, which is water insoluble – they keep building up on the carpet and get stuck to its backing and fiber. Vacuuming can’t completely get rid of the powder. You should also refrain from cleaning with water as the powder will get mixed in it and have a disastrous effect on your carpet.

Carpet cleaning methods are same

The type of cleaning method used depends mostly on the fiber of the carpet. For example, wool carpets are delicate and cannot withstand too much wear and tear. Hence, the cleaning methodology used on a wool carpet would be different from that used on one made of jute as it can bear harsh treatment better. Keep the material of the carpet in mind before you get the carpet chemically washed, shampooed or steam cleaned.

This is exactly why you should consider and consult professional carpet cleaners as they can advise you about the correct technique. Getting carpets and rugs cleaned by experts keep them clean and enhance longevity at the same time.

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