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Why you Need Area Rugs?

Area rugs might have been an afterthought some years back, but the scenario has changed drastically these days. They are used as decorative elements in all areas of homes and even offices.

Take a look at why you need area rugs:

Brings the room together

They come in virtually every size, color, pattern and material one could possibly imagine — which makes it easy to find the area rug soul mate for any given space. You can use your area rug as the bold focus of your room, or you can use it to unify your color schemes.

Creates artwork for floors

These are really beautiful, and it is exactly like hanging art on the walls – instead you are decorating the flooring with this amazing art. It enhances aesthetic appeal and imparts a lively vibe into the surroundings.

Maintaining the rugs is easy

What if your kid crushed a cracker on the carpet? Or your dog decided it was their personal mission to shred a teddy bear into a mound made of a million tiny pieces? If you don’t have an area rug, you need to take out a broom, dust pan, trash bag and perhaps even a mop, to start cleaning stains and dirt on your expensive carpet. To clean the area rug, all you need is a vacuum cleaner!

Anchoring the furniture

Walking into a large room without an area rug can feel a little weird as you feel there is something missing, but you don’t know what. An area rug connects everything and makes it feel nice and cohesive.

Controls unwanted noises

It is said that some people march to the beat of their own drum, but sometimes it sounds like your kids are literally marching to the beat of drums, when they run all over the house. Fortunately, area rugs can work wonders muffling sound — especially with a thick rug pad.

Adds warmth 

As mentioned, a thick pad under the rug works wonders for noise and sound control, but it has another use as well. In addition to being softer, area rugs are warmer than hard surface flooring. It has a greater insulating value, thanks to the pad underneath. This applies throughout the home but is particularly welcomed in basements, where the floor can be downright cold.

Still debating whether to buy area rugs? Don’t waste anymore time – go online and start scouting for options right away!

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