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How You Can Clean Up Fertilizer Stains on Your Rug

Putting plants inside the house can be an extremely welcome change from the usual new atmosphere that most people have around their home. Instead of using home accessories and furnishings to beautify the house, having some greenery can include a charming and special element that will definitely make your home’s interior more attractive.

Using fertilizer is one way that can support maintain the plants inside your house but you should be alert not to accidentally spill some of it on your charming carpet. This can be extremely problematic since it will likely cause an ugly stain to develop on your rug.

Cleaning up this type of mess can truly tough for carpet owners, especially those who are that experienced in cleaning hard stains. To support you out, I have outlined a truly easy guide that you can follow to rightly remove the fertilizer stains on your carpet easily and quickly.

Fast get a spoon or dull knife and begin to scoop up the spilled fertilizer on your rug. Remember to do this right away so that you can stop the spill to cause a big stain that will be hard to get rid of. Also, ensure that you are alert in doing this since you never want to cause the spill to spread accidentally to other portions of the carpet.

Get some dish washing liquid and combine one teaspoon of it with one cup of hot water. The dish washing liquid is a truly supportive item that can help you get rid of any kind of stain that the fertilizer spill has likely made. Place the blend inside an empty container and then proceed to the next step.

Carefully apply a little amount of the cleaning solution you have made onto the stain on your rug. Remember not to use too much as this would not support get rid of the stain any future. It can actually have a bad effect since it can outcome in a lot of residue possible getting left behind on the carpet.

After you have applied the cleaning solution, use a dirt free white cloth and then blot the fertilizer stain repeatedly.

Finish the job by rising the area you cleaned with some clean water and then dry it fully using some towels. This is to remove of cleaning solution residue that could damage your carpet over time.

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