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Rug Cleaning Tips for Drink and Food Spills

Drink and food spills are among the toughest cleaning issues to deal for rug owners. It is a general occurrence yet some still do not know the best way to approach cleaning up this type of mess. Not knowing the  basics of cleaning up food and drink spills can truly put rug owners at difficulty and their carpets at serious danger of long-lasting damage.

Whether you are having a party at house or just eating in the living room, spills can occur without a moment notice. This is why learning how to rightly clean them up is essential. Here are some general rug cleaning tips for drink and food spills, which you can use the next time, you are in this type of condition.

Quickly scoop up or pick up the spilled item

Whether it is strong or liquid, it is vital that you scoop up or pick up the excess spillage as much as possible to reject making the issue worse. If you are dealing with drink or food spills, get a clean sponge and absorb as much of the surplus liquid as you can. For strong food spills,  perfectly pick up the loose particles using your hands.

Blot the spilled area

After removing the excess drink or food spilled on the rug, the next basic step that you need to do is to blot the area with a paper towels or clean white cloth. This will help get rid of the excess moisture and to lessen the chances of it staining the rug. Pouring some hot water onto the stain before blotting will support get you amazing outcomes in removing the stain or spill.

Detergent cleaning solutions work amazing with drink and food stains

When faced with drink and food stains or spills, using a cleaning solution made out of a solution of single teaspoon of laundry detergent and a cup of hot water. This will be sure to remove of any spills and stains from drinks and food. Apply this to the blot and stain using a clean, white clothing and you will get your rug clean in a matter of few tries.

These 3 tips can be of extraordinary help for those who are new with cleaning drink and food spills on their carpets. Remember this helpful advice to rightly clean up any drink or food spill on your charming rug.

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